Jehovah’s Witnesses

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Watch Out for the Watchtower (Jehovah’s Witnesses) Deception about God’s Own Blood

A Phone Call from a “Jehovah’s Witness”

Should You Believe in the Trinity?

Pseudepodcast Episode 8: All Along the Watchtower

Why is Jesus called the Son of Man?

Why is Jesus called God’s Son?

Did Jesus Create all things or all “other” things?

Charles Taze Russell, the Watchtower, and Proof Texting

Watch Out for More Watchtower Deception in “Proof Texting”

Deception on the Worship of Jesus

Deception on the Title Mighty God

Deception and the Out-of-Print Greek Interlinear

Who is Michael? More Deception by the Jehovah’s Witnesses

What About the Jehovah’s Witnesses?

PDF A Lutheran Response to the “Jehovah’s Witnesses”


3 thoughts on “Jehovah’s Witnesses

  1. Thank you for your research on Jehovah’s Witnesses. Especially for making available out of print Watchtower publications. I am a former JW, and worked on the original New World Translation one volume edition of 1961. I was a member of the Bethel world headquarters and printing complex in Brooklyn, New York from 1958-1961. My story is found on the above web site. I have a major library of older JW publications, including the Greek Interlinear. They have been a great help for me in my ministry to exJW’s. I also train members of my church to go door to door with the true gospel of Jesus Christ as Lord and God. We go out twice a month near our church. I use the question: “Are you good enough to go to heaven?” in starting conversations. I am always thankful to our Lord for saving me and revealing Himself as my God and Lord! I serve as an elder in our church and teach Sunday School as well as leading in a door to door sharing of the gospel. The sad thing is how few churches and Christians have a burden to share the gospel in our land. Even in my church, there are few who will commit to participating in this gospel witness. Please pray for us. The above web site will fill in many details about my life.

    • Ernest,

      If you wouldn’t mind, please add a link at your site to the Redeemer Theological Academy. This site will help those who left the Watchtower to confess the One Triune God.

      Pastor Kachelmeier

    • Jason, that was a very moving testnmoiy and one I can relate to so much. Thank you for sharing. I recently went to a funeral of a friends mother who was a JW, mind you I have been disfellowshipped for 30 years, the looks of hate I received even after all that time confirmed for me that I am so lucky to have found Jesus. One of the elders asked me if I was still df’d, I told him I have Christ’s forgiveness I didn’t need it from a man made org. Bless you!

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