Lecture 37- As it is Written in Paul and Habakkuk

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As it is Written in Paul and Habakkuk

Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier

How does the Apostle Paul use the written Word from Habakkuk the prophet?  In this lecture, we investigate Paul’s use of Habakkuk 2:4 in Romans 1:17.

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As it is Written in Paul and Habakkuk

5 thoughts on “Lecture 37- As it is Written in Paul and Habakkuk

    • Cyndi,

      What a surprise to find out that you grew up in Los Alamos. Did you get a chance to listen to the lecture? It refutes the idea put forth by such people as Ken Power and Craig Winn who claim that the Apostle Paul misquoted the Old Testament scriptures. The whole point of the lecture is to show that the Apostle Paul does not proof-text, that is, pick and choose a passage to support his new teaching. He teaches the same thing as the prophets. He quotes from the whole context of the prophets.

      On the other hand, Power and Winn use proof-texting to support their new teachings. They are false teachers. They reject the letters of Paul when they disagree with them, but then embrace some of the words of Paul that they agree with. They claim that Paul is a false teacher. They are not the first ones to does this. There were rabbis in the day of Paul who made the same claim and their were even false teachers in the church that Paul had to address. Power and Winn say that Paul’s writings are no good and then replace them with their writings.

      This is what happens when one disconnects Christianity from history. The history of the church attests to many false teachers who have arisen and rejected the teachings of Paul from Marcion and the Gnostics to Muhammed to the Mainline so-called scholars who reject Paul’s “opinions” when he disagrees with their opinions. Paul himself warned that it would happen and that is why he made ever effort to inform the successors of the Apostles with his written word.

      Please keep in mind that John the Apostle, the last to die, was still alive when Paul’s letters were circulating and being accepted as Apostolic. Power and Winn neglect to tell you that important piece of history. But then again, that is what people do when they push their ideology, destroy the institutions of God, and rewrite history.

      We must understand that Christianity did not develop in a vacuum. After the Apostles made disciples by baptizing them and teaching them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, they made sure that there would be teachers to succeed them. This was the institution of Christ. Paul writes about placing such men in this apostolic office such as Timothy and Titus who would in turn make sure that others were placed into this teaching office. Yet, Paul warned the church to beware of false prophets who teach a different Jesus than the One that the Apostles taught.

      Please keep in mind that other such teachers after the apostles were Clement of Rome who was a student of the apostles and Polycarp and Ignatius of Antioch who were students of John the Apostle. In addition, Irenaeus was a student of Polycarp. History attests to the veracity of Paul’s letters. All of these successors received Paul as a True Apostle. Only those who disagree with Paul claim he is a false teacher as Ken Power, Craig Winn and Muhhamed do.

      Please listen to my lectures and see how Paul does not misquote the Old Testament scriptures as the rabbis who rejected Jesus claimed and as Power and Winn claim.

  1. Who, then, is Habukkuk referring to? Marcion endorsed Paul. Paul was tried in Ephesus and rejected. Paul states: “all in Asia have rejected me . . . ” Not “all of the fullness of God” could be contained in a physical human construct – only a small portion. God wants us to “know” Him so we can “rely” on HIm; He does not want “faith” based on “beliefs”. There cannot be any salvation without walking in the Torah; Paul says the Torah cannot save; God says His Torah is “Perfect and complete, returning the soul . . . ” You either believe Paul, or you trust Yahowah’s words.

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