Lecture 74- The Attributes of God- Similar and Dissimilar- Knowledge

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The Attributes of God- Similar and Dissimilar: Knowledge

Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier

In this lecture, we will continue our discussion with the similar attribute of knowledge.  As we said before, this attribute is shared in common between God and man.  Of course, it is displayed in a lesser, imperfect, and finite degree in man.  Man has the attribute of knowledge.  But, this knowledge is limited.  Man must learn in order to increase in knowledge.  Knowledge is acquired through study, observation, perception, deduction, and induction.  It takes time to gain knowledge.  Man does not know the future. On the other hand, God’s knowledge is not limited in quantity.  God knows all things.  God does not need to learn.  He knows all since the beginning.  God is not in a state of growing in His understanding of things.  He knows all things directly and at once.

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The Attributes of God- Similar and Dissimilar- Knowledge

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