2 thoughts on “Christ in the Old Testament – Psalm 18 Part 2

  1. Dear Brian,
    This Psalm 18 commentary you’ve done is quite useful. The psalmist, David, is prophet in Psalm 18 and also persecuted. He sees God and he sees Malach Yaweh, even though he has not yet become man in the flesh. I love the pattern you established the psalm presents. We yearn to follow God’s law but our sins prevent us. Satan attacks and tries to destroy us. We call on God the Father and his Word who spoke creation into existence delivers us. He gives us his righteousness and God grants us his mercy. We have access to God because of our baptisms. “Baptism saves.” Then, we are able to praise God, not only for the things he has created but also we can thank Jesus for giving us his righteousness and life because the Holy Spirit helps us to understand his Word as spoken in the scriptures.
    Of course on the surface, David speaks of Saul and his persecution of David. And Jesus reminds us that he is David’s son. Wonderful psalm! God, father son, and holy Spirit truly is our rock and our fortress.
    Your sister in Christ, Robbie

    • Robbie,

      I love how you have grasped the Trinitarian flow of the Psalms. Just think, this is why the church added the Gloria, that is, the Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever will be without end… …to the end of each Psalm.

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