Lecture 251 – The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 62 Part 1

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Isaiah Chapter 62 Part 1
Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier


In this lecture, we begin our discussion on Chapter 62.

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2 thoughts on “Lecture 251 – The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 62 Part 1

  1. Pastor Brian, I wanted to let you know I’ve been following you on Issues Etc. and at this website. Every time I hear you talking about Isaiah, lately, I think of music from The Messiah, by Handel. You love that work, I’m thinking. I found the last E mail you wrote me. You might not be too surprised that I copied it in Braille to keep it. As your finding my comments helpful, your E mail helps me know that God will and is showing me mercy. Wings like an eagle? Sometimes, yes, he gives me those. But the weariness and the weakness are still with me, more spiritually than otherwise. I attend church regularly. In fact, I sing! Pastor Stirdivant lets me lead singing. Isn’t that wild? There was a song you had the congregation sing when we were last in Los Alamos, LSB619, I think, but am not sure. That is a beautiful song to sing before, during, or after the Devine sacraments are given. It’s one of my favorite songs. I have the service book and small catechism all in Braille. I’m trying to memorize Luther’s Morning and Evening prayers. My memory isn’t what is used to be. I pray this finds you well. Thank you for all the wonderful studies you present. The one on Noah is a favorite. I downloaded it, of course.
    May the grace of the Lord be with you.

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