Lecture 262- The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 65 Part 3

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Isaiah Chapter 65 Part 3
Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier


In this lecture, we continue our discussion on Chapter 65.

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One thought on “Lecture 262- The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 65 Part 3

  1. We know that “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Christ is our hope and our salvation! As a favorite hymn says, “The Lord God is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation.” It’s the same everywhere. There are those who use tamborine, lyre (ukelele) harp, organ, piano, etc, solo voices, to sing to the Lord. It’s not the instruments, its the word they use that count. Granted, what some call worship is rather shallow in sound and meaning. But to say that God’s Word is never spoken in those settings is wrong. While we don’t want the doctrines of Satan’s minions to overwhelm us, our sins assure that they can. We need to repent and plead for mercy and forgiveness. St. Eucebias and St. Syril would have understood this. They defined who God was very clearly. They teach us of God’s triune being and that the Father, son, and Holy Ghost are one. They knew as St. Peter knew that Baptism saves. The church teaches that we shouldn’t eat the Bread or drink the Wine unworthily. Confession and repentance are, indeed, good for the soul. Getting to Mount Zion, in the spiritual sense, is only done by Jesus’s taking us there. In the devine service all the company of Heaven worship with us. Why would we want to be anywhere else? God’s presence and the song of the angels mingling with ours, how glorious! Would that every service we went to were like that! The truth sets us free; it is like that. We don’t have to feel anything. We don’t have to make the movements of the World, use their methods, to bring this about. Jesus said, where two or three are gathered, he is in their midst. Therefore, we can take heart. He loves us and he will seek for us, if we find ourselves lost.

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