Lecture 269- The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 66 Part 6

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Isaiah Chapter 66 Part 6
Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier


In this lecture, we continue our discussion on Chapter 66.

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One thought on “Lecture 269- The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 66 Part 6

  1. We have seen, many times, throughout this study of Isaiah how the Old and New Testaments are one book, the Bible. Christ’s coming was promised to the Children of the Promise, starting in Genesis starting with Adam. Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and later Moses, learned of the Lord God and his promises to save His people. After Moses, others learned of God’s promises and of His Law. The Law and the Gospel together keep God’s children in His kingdom. Christ’s sacrifice for us sets us free from sin and death through our Baptism. As Christ shall come again at the last day, we also shall be raised from the dead or, if alive, meet Him to go with Him to His kingdom. In the meantime, we should practice the worship traditions which the Word proclaims: theology of the cross, praising God for His mercy and for opening our eyes and ears by the Word which our pastors preach to us. Faith comes by hearing! Some will hear the Word and are converted. Some will scoff and walk away. May God keep our hearts and ninds in the knowledge of God and of His Son Jesus Christ. May the words of our mouth and the thoughts of our hearts be acceptable in His sight, he who is our strength and our redeemer.

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