2 thoughts on “Conversion to the Lutheran Faith

  1. How about from Quakers? This may not have occurred to you because I’m afraid that most Quakers nationally are pretty liberal but I was fortunate enough to grow up in Southern California and the California Yearly Meeting is (or was in the 60s and 70s) pretty durned Biblical with a couple of obvious exceptions. When we decided (for non-theological reasons) to leave them, we were fortunate enough to have met Dr. Rosenbladt and found he was interim at a nearby LCMS church so … End of story. And the only major change in what we believed was the Sacraments. Our Quaker teachers had been thoroughly Biblical.

    • The Quakers reject historic Christianity and doctrine. They reject the creeds. They do not confess the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. They reject the pastoral office. They search inward and look for the inner light. The reject both sacrament of baptism and Lord’s Supper.

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