Lecture 4- The Message of the Redeemer is Folly to the Unbeliever


The Message of the Redeemer is Folly to the Unbeliever

Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier

The natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit.  Thus, the message of the cross is folly to the unbeliever.  Because of sin, he rejects the wisdom of God and prefers the wisdom of the world.  He cannot help but set his eyes upon the things of men rather than the things of God.  By nature, he is spiritually blind and deaf.


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Lecture The Message of the Redeemer is Folly to the Unbeliever

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3 thoughts on “Lecture 4- The Message of the Redeemer is Folly to the Unbeliever

  1. this proves that his atmetpt to make relationships is pure, and not a sales pitch. *sigh*Jesus makes us fishers of men. Connecting your net with a school of fish requires dragging your net through lots of empty water. Anyone observing a fisherman dragging his net through some empty water, and seeing the net pulled up empty, would find a hundred good reasons to complain his method was wrong. Maybe one might be that he was just pulling an empty sales pitch through the water.A few hours later, another fisherman dragging his net through the same water might connect and pull up his net full. We could certainly find ways to applaud his fine skills and faithful work.But in both cases, it is God that brings the increase, not our clever skills. But without us letting down our nets, there will be no fish caught. God also works that way.You say this man was polite and easy to get along with such that it did not surprise you that he was a Christian. Oh, I wish for ten thousand more such persons to raise their voices in their everyday lives at every opportunity.How beautiful are the feet As one who deserves hell, and knows this is the fate of every fellow human unless they hear and believe the gospel, I can’t quite get my hands around the objection that this should in any way motivate one to be aggressive in seeking a hearing for the gospel. There is a time to be polite, and to follow convention. But some of us see this present time as an extreme emergency, where there isn’t always time to move into the burning apartment to build relationships to gain a hearing. We just feel quite right in approaching our fellow humans in a more urgent, less refined, knocking on doors and warning them of the onrushing fire Paul was willing to take his place in hell to see Israel saved. Not sure the pattern of his life demonstrates a friendship evangelism modality. He was offensive every time he shared the gospel because the gospel offends everything about us all by itself.Your native americanish spiritual friend is hurtling towards hell If he were my brother, I would be thankful for both of you in his life (and, the way I see it, he is). Please tell him before it is too late, as soon as you feel the right moment, or a possible moment, or even if you might offend him. Please. Faith comes by hearing the word of God.

    • My off-the-cuff reply Ultimately, I don’t know what’s going on inside a psreon’s heart. I can observe their actions and speech over time and make some judgments (or assumptions), knowing them by their fruit (or lack of it). I don’t know where that psreon is at in their walk or relationship with the Lord. God’s people are saved by some degree, not the same degree. Knowing and following Christ will produce obedience, but how much and how fast? That’s for God to work out in that psreon’s life.I don’t know if I agree with the carnal Christian assessment (I’ve heard it but it seems like an oxymoron), but I do see immature Christians, and Christians acting carnally. Are they Christians or not?That’s a subject I’d like to post more about another time. God bless!

      • As those who have been baptized, we are a new creation. Through this washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, we are beginning to mortify the flesh and live to the glory of God. The Holy Spirit, through the power of the gospel, is instilling in us new desires, new thought, and new will to serve the Lord by loving our neighbor in the vocations and stations that God has placed us. As God has loved us, we are beginning to love our neighbor. As God continues to be merciful toward us, we are beginning to be merciful toward our neighbor.

        The Law of God, in its full sternous, is to be preached to the carnal Christian, that is, the one who is in the state of false security. This was the message of the prophets in the days of the Old Testament who spoke out against the false security of the people of God by warning them of their impending destruction. The Law of God brings the knowledge of sin and the realization of the wrath of God because of rebellion.

        After the Holy Spirit gave them ears to hear, then He spoke through the mouths of the prophets assuring the people with promises of deliverance. The Lord their God, who brought them out of Egypt, is their refuge and salvation. All of these messaages of salvation are fulfilled in Christ who is our salvation from sin, death, and the devil. The righteous shall live by faith in the promises of the Blessed Holy Trinity.

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