Lecture 3- The Knowledge of Salvation is Revealed by the Apostles


The Knowledge of Salvation is Revealed by the Apostles

Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier

The revealed knowledge that the Blessed Holy Trinity brought to the apostles would be brought to the ends of the earth.  They would go out and reveal the knowledge of salvation through the words they spoke.  They would begin in Jerusalem, spread to Judah,Samaria, and the ends of the earth.  They would take the words of Jesus to the Jewish people in the synagogues and then to the Gentiles in the throughout the cities of the Roman Empire.  After the resurrection of our Lord, the apostles were sent out by Jesus in order to reveal the knowledge of salvation found in Jesus alone.


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The Knowledge of Salvation is Revealed by the Apostles

Study Questions- The Knowledge of Salvation is Revealed by the Apostles

6 thoughts on “Lecture 3- The Knowledge of Salvation is Revealed by the Apostles

    • You are most welcome!!! My desire is that individuals would read and re-read their Bibles and further meditate upon the divine truths given to us by our Trinue God. As disciples, that is students, we should continue to listen to the voice of God found in the written text. The references that I cite are reference points to lead you to take in the whole chapter, book, and Bible which reveals our Redeemer.

      Pr. Kachelmeier

    • How many good works do I need to do before I have asrnsauce of salvation? Isn’t the point that the Holy Spirit is prompting us to do good works and when we cooperate with the Holy Spirit he gives us this sense of asrnsauce. I do not understand how we can talk about good works and the asrnsauce of salvation without putting the Holy Spirit in the center of it.

      • Assurance of salvation does not come from the Law of God. The Law reveals sin, but it does not take sin away. The Law accusses you for not doing enough good works. The Law does not assure us that we can stand before a righteous and holy God. The Law can only leave you in doubt and uncertainty. We need another word from God which is the Gospel. The Gospel reveals to us our Savior Jesus Christ. The Gospel teaches us about who He is and what He has done for us to grant us the assurance of our salvation. The Gospel assures us that for the sake of Christ we have a merciful God who does not count our sins against us. Our sins were counted against Christ who suffered and died for us. His blood sets us free to be the people of God. His righteousness is declared to be our own. Thus, we stand before God as His holy people. Those who are in Christ have been sealed with the promised Holy Spirit who begins to work in us bringing new desires and mortifies the fleshly desires in us. We begin to do God’s will in great weakness. Yet, our sins are not counted against us. It is the Gospel promises tied to the person and work of Christ that assure us of our salvation. The one who believes and is baptized will be saved.

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