Lecture 252 – The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 62 Part 2

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Isaiah Chapter 62 Part 2
Rev. Brian L. Kachelmeier


In this lecture, we continue our discussion on Chapter 62.

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2 thoughts on “Lecture 252 – The Gospel According to St. Isaiah Chapter 62 Part 2

  1. What a timely posting! I truly need to hear everything you had to say. Advent and Christmas are always hard for me. I’m an orphan and I feel it most, now. I have wished I had brothers until I’m blue in the face. I realize the church is a family of sorts. But, unfortunately, the love that exists between siblings isn’t found there, usually. I have a sister named Diana, We chose each other for life. She’s quite a gal! Sheila is a good friend to both of us. She is also very caring and hard-working. But the fact that we are watchmen didn’t escape my notice. You are one of those and, so am I. I help my pastor lead singing. We had a concert recently of a group of trombones of all sizes. They were something else! Our organist had been a member of the group. He sickened and died of some malody that was never named. Quite a tragedy. One of his friends is filling in, now. He is from the group of trombonists. He isn’t quite used to our hymns but he’s learning quickly! He’s not Lutheran, unfortunately. Frankly, I’m surprised he stayed this long. Yes, as you say, as the Bible says, if we watch and pray, we will not be found asleep when the bridegroom comes because we will be expecting him at any hour. The trombonists closed with “Go tell it on the mountain”. The song comes from Isaiah 62, it seems. I would guess a Scot wrote it. My pastor started singing with the brass and I did, too. We weren’t real obvious about it but the pastor’s new baby, a beautiful boy, heard. That was a very special evening.
    Thanks, so much, for your lectures! I almost want to say that I would be devistated if you stopped giving them. Your podcasts were a godsend in the beginning and continue to be so.

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