One thought on “Christ in the Old Testament – Psalm 103

  1. What a wonderful psalm! The Lord according to the psalmist, we should bless. I don’t quite understand what the Hebrew word is. I wish you could give the Hebrew words with a careful pronunciation and spelling. Perhaps the Greek words, too. Many can’t look up the words because we don’t have greek or Hebrew dictionaries. Hearing the word and recognizing the transliteration is good, especially when it might be seen again.
    Many people who read this Psalm don’t go past “who heals your diseases.” Some use it as a proof text for healilng and could care less what else the Psalm says. Your references to Genesis, Exodus, Isaiah, and the epistles of Paul all help us to understand Who God Is and what he does. The wonderful ending verses are an attempt on the part of the psalmist to show us how far from us our sins are taken away.
    But our own conscience? Can our conscience be set straight without the guidance of the Holy Spirit? He opens the Word to us. We can’t know what any of this means unless He tells us. Truly, he is the comforter. He is the one who renews us. The devine sacraments are a clear statement that our sins are forgiven. We can look to Luther’s Small Catechism to know this indubitably.
    The Holy Spirit speaks through the words that you use to explain what the scriptures say. As Jesus says in Matthew 24, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but my Words shall not pass away.”
    We see in the Psalm 103 the history of God’s deliverance of his people, even we who have been grafted in to the vine of Israel. This is truly one of my favorite psalms.

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